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About the Program

Life as an attorney or law student is tough. Between working with clients, billing long hours, poring over every minor detail of a document, and finding time to spend with your family it can feel overwhelming. If you know you need to take your career in a different direction, the last thing you want to do is spend weeks or months finding a better job.

That’s why I created the Career Transformation System, a simple program to give you clarity on the direction of your career and help you lead the fulfilling life you've always wanted.

Without it, you’ll never truly be in control of your career and will continue to spend long nights and weekends working somewhere you are not satisfied. Or, if you're out of work, you'll keep spinning your wheels searching for a job using ineffective methods.

With it, you can take back the most crucial element of your life—your career. Imagine being hired by the exact company you want to work for, in the exact city or town you want to work in, in the exact practice scenario you desire. You can achieve complete career satisfaction and create your ideal work-life balance by following this system.

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The Career Transformation System will teach you:

Mindset Training

A successful job search starts with the right mindset. I will teach you about the right mindset you need to have during a job search. I understand the right mindset and can help develop yours.

Personal Marketing

Marketing yourself is a vital component of a successful job search. Few people learn how to market themselves correctly and track down the jobs they want. I will teach you how to market yourself properly.

Application Materials

Some people spend weeks or months on their application materials—this is unnecessary. Your ability to show that you will work hard, get along with others, and do quality work is most importnat.

"I want to thank you for your terrific articles and the resources your website(s) provide. They were a huge help in my job search. I'll be starting a new position at a large law firm in metro-Detroit in two weeks! Thanks for everything!"

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Join Harrison Barnes' Career Transformation System

For a limited time we are offering the Career Transformation System at a huge discount. Since the program first launched, we have charged $3000 for access. Considering the immense value you receive when you finally land your dream job and ideal working conditions, this is a bargain.

We want to do everything possible to help attorneys and law students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We recognize many attorneys have been laid off or are not able to start a new job they had lined up.

That is why we decided to offer the Career Transformation System at an incredibly low price:
Only $199
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Career Transformation System

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