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A comprehensive coaching program for attorneys and law students currently in the job market. 

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What Is the Job Search Mastermind Program?

Led by Harrison Barnes, the most successful and well-known legal placement professional in the United States, the mastermind program answers all of your legal career questions live and presents the fastest ways to find positions in various markets and practice settings (in-house, law firms, government and more.) 

You will also learn how to get paid what you are worth, what you need to do the first 100 days after you start a new position, when to move jobs, how to negotiate offers, whether or not to open a solo practice, and how to do well in whatever legal environment you are in. 

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How Does It Work?

Each week we will present new material in a live webinar with an interactive Q&A. Find out what other law students and attorneys are doing, get advice about your most pressing issues and learn from others. Learning from your community helps you see what others are doing that works and what doesn't work.   

Online Coaching Webinars

Attend weekly webinars and get your questions answered live. Watch replays of past webinars.

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Resume Workshops 

Get access to interactive resume workshops to help you refine your messaging.

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Supportive Community 

Join our members-only online community to get support from your peers and the OAR team.

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What Will I Get Out of It?

We dedicate ourselves 100% to improving your legal career and giving you the tools that you need to succeed. Over the course of this program, we will personally guide you on how to transform your legal career.

Find the Best Legal Jobs Before Your Competition

It’s no secret the legal market is competitive, but that does not mean you have to be on the losing side. We’ll show you the latest job search strategies on how to find and land the best legal jobs.


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Optimize Your Legal Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile

It is no longer enough to just have a good resume and cover letter. You also need to have a strong LinkedIn profile. We will bring you up to speed and show you how to create a unique selling proposition that will get you’re the career results you deserve. 

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Learn How to Nail Your Law Firm Interview

Selling yourself in an interview is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. We'll show you how to build rapport with interviewers and how to confront difficult, unforeseen questions asked during the interview.

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Improve Your Income & Earning Potential

You did not go to law school and become an attorney to not reach your full income potential.  If you are not making enough money, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table.  We’ll show you how to find the jobs that pay the best and increase your income if this is your goal.

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Understand How to Succeed at Each Stage of Your

Legal Career

If you are like most people in the legal profession, you probably do not understand all of the rules and what it will take to make you successful at each stage of your legal career.  Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the profession for a few decades, we’ll help you understand what you need to do in order to be more successful. 

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Our Classes:

  • The Seven Untapped Ways for Attorneys and Law Students to Find a Legal Job
  • How to Use Networking to Find a Legal Job
  • Do Not Allow Others to Control Your Access to Information
  • Cover Letter Advice No One Ever Gives You: How to Craft the Perfect Cover Letter
  • I’ve Reviewed the Resumes of Over 500,000 Attorneys and Law Students: Here is What I Have Learned About How to Construct a Legal Resume
  • The Five Reasons Law Firms and Legal Employers Do Not Hire You After an Interview
  • The Number One Reason You Are Not Getting the Jobs You Want
  • Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Not Getting Job Offers, or Not Getting the Job Offers You Want
  • What Do Unhappy Legal Careers and Bad Relationships Have in Common?
  • The Hidden Force of Ego: How an Unchecked Ego Damages the Lives and Careers of So Many Attorneys
  • Why Going In-house Is Often the Worst Decision a Good Attorney Can Ever Make
  • Top 23 Law Firm Interview Tips for Attorneys and Law Students: How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews
  • How to Make a Lot of Money Practicing Law
  • How To Get a Law Firm Job After Your Judicial Clerkship
  • How Can You Avoid Drama and Find Happiness as an Attorney? 
  • Why You Must Constantly Set Bigger Goals
  • Why Your Family and Social Background Will Determine Your Happiness and Success as an Attorney More Than Your Academics or Firm
  • Why Attorneys Need to Be Exploited to Succeed
  • Ten Reasons You Will Never Be in Control of Your Legal Career
  • Why You Should Never Give Up Your Law Firm Job Search
  • Every Attorney's Biggest Weakness is Their Need to Feel Important and Loved
  • 45 of the Worst Possible Questions Attorneys and Law Students Can Ask in Interviews
  • The Top 15 Marketing and Sales Tricks Law Firms Use to Get You to Work There
  • Why Law Firms Do Not Like to Hire Attorneys From Most Practice Settings Other Than Law Firms
  • The Top 6 Things Attorneys and Law Students Need to Remove From Their Resumes ASAP
  • The Top 9 Ways for Any Attorney to Generate a Huge Book of Business
  • 10 Factors That Matter to Big Law Firms More Than Your Law School
  • The 7 Steps Every Attorney With 5+ Years of Legal Experience Must Take to Save Their Legal Careers
  • The Only 7 Reasons a Law Firm Will Ever Make You a Partner
  • Should You Open a Solo Practice? Top 10 Reasons to Open or Not Open Your Own Practice

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