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We offer a variety of solutions and resources for attorneys and law students who are looking for a legal job at a law firm, in-house counsel jobs at a company, legal jobs in government, and public interest legal jobs.

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Imagine being hired by the exact company you want to work for, in the exact city or town you want to work in, in the exact practice scenario you desire. You can achieve complete career satisfaction and create your ideal work-life balance by following this system.

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The mastermind program answers all of your legal career questions live and presents the fastest ways to find positions in various markets and practice settings (in-house, law firms, government and more.) You can watch replays of past webinars here.

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Our career guides help you with every step of the job search process, from finding the perfect opportunity to refining your resume, nailing the interview, and landing the job. Learn from the experts how to find hidden opportunities and get the job you want.

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