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Want live legal job search coaching to help advance your legal career? Our mastermind program answers all of your legal career questions live and presents the fastest ways to find positions in various markets and practice settings (in-house, law firms, government and more.) You will also learn how to do well in any legal environment.

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Attorney Job Search Secrets Revealed - eBook

This e-book addresses the importance of a well-planned career path and provides instruction on efficient career planning methods that will place you on the path to a rewarding legal career.

It explores the ins and outs of the legal profession, by addressing topics of importance to law school students, novice attorneys, and seasoned attorneys alike. The articles within this e-book are designed to do more than merely assist attorneys in finding jobs: they actually guide attorneys in the process of developing satisfying and fulfilling careers. Attorneys at all levels, and in all fields, will benefit from the information on legal recruiting services, resume development, networking, lateral moves, and handling job changes.

This e-book teaches the reader powerful methods of marketing both skills and experience. The law school you attend, your academic performance, and your career choices can either work to your advantage or disadvantage in the legal job market. Likewise, questions of credibility weigh heavily on an employer’s view of a candidate and can permanently damage a legal career. In addition to defining professional responsibility, as it pertains to an attorney, this e-book also delves into the specifics of what will impact marketability negatively and what will serve as a selling point. Presenting law school grades and reporting experience on a law school review or journal may be valuable selling points for some attorney levels, while career history may be more important for others. The exploration of these issues and other related matters serves to streamline the attorney job search process and to provide the attorney candidate with the tools to present himself or herself as a viable candidate for the position of their choosing.