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Top 24 Law Firm Interview Tips

Over the years, I have offered advice on nearly every facet of the legal job community and have been intimately involved with the ebbs and flows of the legal job market.

As a legal recruiter and practicing attorney, I have specialized knowledge and am willing to share my wisdom for the benefit of law students, junior attorneys, senior attorneys, and partners.

Overall, I believe that having a positive attitude, bringing enthusiasm, being adaptable, and showcasing your strengths is paramount to prevailing during the competitive hiring process. Once you obtain the in-person, telephone, or video conference interview, it is no longer about your qualifications, for your qualifications get you in the door.

At that point, it is about the employer wanting answers to five simple questions:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Do you want the job?
  3. Will you fit in?
  4. Can the employer manage you?
  5. Will you do the job long term?

I also address how to build rapport with interviewers and how to confront difficult, unforeseen questions asked during the interview.