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About Harrison

Harrison Barnes is an entrepreneur, thought leader in the legal placement space, legal recruiter and the #1 legal career company leader in the United States. For more than two decades, generations of attorneys have relied on his candid and direct advice to get positions, learn about themselves and the legal environment and get ahead.

Harrison’s companies such as BCG Attorney Search, LawCrossing, Top Law Schools, JD Journal and other have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of attorneys at every stage of their legal career. He provides not just career advice, but life advice that helps attorneys and others make the best decisions possible with their legal careers. 

Harrison’s legal career companies have employed thousands of people and grossed hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Harrison is the author of numerous books for attorneys seeking positions, hundreds of career and life advice articles and has helped countless people in the legal profession transform their careers. 


Legal Career Books, Articles and Career Advice

Harrison’s articles, books had enabled hundreds of thousands of attorneys to discover their potential and make important career choices.


World Class Placement for Attorneys

Harrison’s placement methods have helped thousands of attorneys get positions. Though BCG Attorney Search, Harrison and his recruiters have placed thousands of attorneys throughout the United States and world.


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